"Until we can see each other as one another, we will never know the end of suffering. "

        At Home Activation

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After establishing a firm connection between our physical and energetic bodies. We can directly access the information, trauma and other dis-harmonic wave lengths stored in our cellular memories. The identification of these particles allow us to begin collapsing their structural integrity, recode and create higher oscillating patterns within the cells themselves. Creating more space to expand inwardly as well increasing energetic and cellular communication. 

Some people will experience large amplitude tremors with their legs arms or whole body shaking(which tends to be the body breaking up gross and superficial tension). While others experience more inner activity that is unobservable to the naked eye but can be felt by the patient as mild pulsations or a current that moves further through the body as it becomes more relaxed.

Every person will have their own individual tremor pattern according to their own unique history, experience, and tension patterns.  How and where tremors occur is regulated by the individuals brain stem just as each person will have their own individual heart rate and respiration in response to the same amount of excercise.

Live Procedures

Code cracking is a process that necessary when all transduction sequences are working properly. However, no bio-feed back or involuntary stimulation is received. When this happens it takes identifying and isolating a precise emotion causing a blockage in an energetic center or physical anatomy.

Re-connective Healing consist of one or two things: Either one, we have to correct obstructions/blockages in the energetic or physical anatomy. Or two we have to correct how the energetic transduction sequence is transforming the subtle frequency into electro-chemical signals. (e.g. how the body recognizes and registers energy).  

MicroGrid Activation

Ascension based procedures consist of high frequency anchoring, merkaba field optimization kundalini uncoiling, templar stargate activation, higherself integration and much more giving one more access to their divine totality.

"Here to assist the planetary ascension process by reconnecting the microcosmic grid one individual stream of consciousness at a time."