Our mission here at microgrid activation is simple. It is essentially to reignite and activate the human vessel as a signet or point of a grid. A grid that we are all interconnected and equally a part of that assists the planetary ascension process. When one individual raises their personal frequency its raises the collective consciousness.

It is the integration into our light bodies a literal transformation from a carbon based cellular matrix to that of one made out of silica. The connection to our higherself and next stage of human development. Induced by light and sound therapies that unlock the hidden song or message within our DNA.

​Neurogenic tremors

Neurogenic tremors are found in all mammals. They are an inbuilt physiological response to release stress, tension, and trauma. Similar to how we have an inbuilt response to clench and tighten, protecting ourselves from injury and trauma, we also have a way to let go and release this tension.

When neurogenic tremors have been activated, the self intelligence of the whole organism starts a process of restoring balance and relaxation to the body.

The tremors are actually our muscles contracting and relaxing in order to produce different rhythms that manifest as a small vibration all the way to quivering and shaking, or even swaying or undulations of the body. These have the effect of relaxing the deep tension in our muscles, realigning our fascia and also creating better symmetry in our musculo-skeletal system. The contraction of the psoas can now be loosened up, and our posture “reassembled”.

​The tremors turn down the central nervous system’s automated and hyper-aroused fight or flight or freeze response by creating a vibration of contraction and relaxation that releases the built up energy and tension held in the muscles and connective tissues of the body. While this shaking is the body’s innate response to calm down the body when it is traumatised or overexcited, it is often seen as a sign of weakness and there for suppressed, leaving the body held in a chronically stressed and tense state.

The tremors release the traumatic experience in the same way that it was created in the body – by the brainstem initiating a discharge of the physical tension associated with the event. The Trauma Release Exercises are designed to invoke the tremors from the deepest core muscle of the body (that flexes us forward into defensive and defeated postures) before spreading throughout the rest of the body.

​While some people experience significant emotional release during the Trauma Release process, others may experience no emotional response whatsoever. Some may experience intense memories of a trauma, while others may have no memory or recollection at all while still achieving a significant physiological and psychological release.