Q. “Do you cure diseases”

A. No, we treat the energetic signature of dis-ease which can have a profound affect on one's natural ability of accelerated healing.

Q. "What can i do in terms of self care?".

A.  One of the biggest self help tips you can do is identifying your tension patterns. Tension patterns form knots and can cause the adhesion of fascial tissue. Muscle adhesion is the record of any form of habitual strain or chronic stress. This unusual stress on the fascia matrix causes it to undergo chemical reactions becoming sticky. Fusing layers of fascia reducing the ability of the muscle to release and contract. This fusion causes a decrease in one’s range of mobility, chronic headaches, poor circulation, increased level of toxins and inability to heal.

Stretching, awareness, hydration and adequate rest are the formula for maintaining a healthy musculoskeletal system. Yoga offers one of the greatest ranges in breaking up gross tension and maintaining muscular elasticity. Another key element in yoga is that it reveals your tension through an inability to complete a stretch or more importantly the initial soreness it creates after an intensive deep stretch. This soreness when combined with mindfulness shows our habitual movements that cause tension through the pain and discomfort received when unusual stress occurs in the body.

Q. “Does it hurt?”

A. Usually it does not and the stimuli often offers an associated feeling of relief.

Q. “Is it normal to be sore?’

A. Yes being sore can be a symptom of tension being released in the body. Soreness can also come from an increased sensitivity in the nervous system, which can allow one to feel pain that was previously not able to be felt.

Q. “What if I don't have a reaction like in your videos?”

A. The videos I share don't always show the process leading up to achieving the stimuli. However in a few I have documented the process of energetic accretion. Often it can be a process of identifying areas of disconnect and through a series of sessions, upgrading ones electromagnetic conductivity.

Stimuli can be very subtle. Something as simple as irregular breathing or eye fluttering at a specific moment. There is also stimuli that can be unobservable to the practitioner and is felt by the patient. From sensations of tingling to pressure, pulsations and other inner activity. If there is no stimuli received it means theres either no tension in the body, theres an obstruction of how the energy is being processed in the body,  or the environment for neuromuscular stimulation is not present. For more info on the topic I actually wrote a book on different stimulation and its meaning. https://www.amazon.com/Levels-Energetic-Accretion-Ascension-Mechanics-ebook/dp/B01MS7VZWH

Doyen specializes in preventative maintenance and light body integration. However, he has worked with a plethora of chronic disease including but not limited to stroke, cancer, autoimmune disorders, endocrine dysfunction and many more.


Before your first session we will discuss what is bringing you here. We will listen to your experience of discomfort and your needs.
Remaining fully present listening to genuinely understand the different aspects of your experience. We will discuss short term and long term goals. As well as the importance of preventative maintenance. 

During First session
We will be exploring dormant energetic pathways, identifying the core distortions being stored in the body and what techniques are most 
suitable for your archetype. This experience will be entirely unique to you based on your tension patterns, experiences in life and will be exactly what you need. Its important to note that what you need is not always what you want.


  • Accretion level
  • Tension levels
  • Where tension is being stored
  • Core disharmonic programming
  • Suppressed Emotion levels