The first time I booked a session with D'Oyen Fraser, I was recieving chiropractic care for a 30 year old back injury. The initial X rays taken by my chiropractor showed multiple issues, including a George's line that was significantly off in my spine. D'Oyen spent a lot of time woring on my spine during the session and it felt significantly better by the end of the session. Two weeks later, I had X rays taken at my chiropractor's office and they showed that my George's line was completely restored! I was told that it can take more than a year to restore a George's line that was in the shape mine was in and I had only been receiving chiropractic care for 6 months at the time! I can't recommend D'Oyen highly enough to anyone who is looking to work with a highly skilled and talented energy healer as my results speak for themselves!
Jason V.,

Califronia, US

Just wanted to say a few things! Before he worked on me, I had been 77lbs to 100lbs for a very long time. Ulcers , bathroom issues, malnourished etc. Today I weigh 126! I still have a long road of healing but he showed me it really is possible. So thankful.

Christina, Oklahoma, US

"Watching D'oyen Fraser made me remember my love for helping other beings. The beauty in it all. Thank you, it was needed an greatly appreciated. Unspoken words from the mouth keeps me listening to Spirit."
-Tazmen, Louisiana, U.S.

I have sought multiple energy healers over the years and this one is by far the most effective. I decided to get the ascension package to take full advantage of the all fringe services that are offered. The positive effects have been long-lasting, as it has been 3 months since the last session. Money well spent for my health and healing. I highly recommend!

- Amber E, North Dakota, U.S.

"I would like to thank you for all the inspiration u give me to focus on my own healing instead of looking else where I understand now its my job to truly heal myself."
-Bryan Chenault, Michigan, U.S.

"Really loving these sessions D'oyen. …moving forward....such a wonderful feeling."
-Jody Macdonald, Ontario, Canada

"An aggregate observation entails that this session involved a subtle but evident capacity to interact with my higher being. Requests for areas to target would percolate into my cognitive faculties and a reassuring voice would resonate into my mind either allowing or negating. Intermittently, it became evident that portions of my brain were being targeted and I'd become the recipient of visuals or pulsations. Periodically my hands would converge directly over my heart or sternum and a deluge of gratitude would commence. Often my hands would generate convection heat over the areas in tactical contact rather like a parody of the wings of bees when they ensconce and neutralize an adversary in their hive. These were interesting developments I felt compelled to extrapolate on."
-Lady Ciara, Virginia, U.S.