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Our goal is to create sovereign free beings. And assist with the natural ascension process. As consciousness continues to expand. We are met more and more with the need develop a relationship with self.

We here at MICROGRIDACTIVATION specialize in creating an electrically excitable environment. An electrically excitable environment inside the human vessel. This electrical excitability plays a key role in electrochemical communication. Electrochemical communication is the way the body gives our cells instructions. Which of course is how we prevent dis-ease. When an electrically excitable environment is established. It usually manifests in twitching, muscle spasms and other internal sensations. Giving the patient a tangible experience. And lets us know we are creating new harmonically tuned crystalline patterns. Which promote organization on a molecular and cellular level.

Monthy Special

For the month of september we are offering a special on ionic upgrades. Harmonizing the crystalline patterns of the ions. Increases their ability to communicate. Furthermore, generate stronger synapses. Optimizing the way electricity or information is able to be accessed through the body.

We also are offering a 6 month to 1 year maintenance package.


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